Selva Nara

Silvina Rodriguez Amelotti (b.1989) is originally from Uruguay. In 2012 she left her native country and spent four years working and studying in New York City. She graduated from an intensive certificate painting program from the "New York Studio School for Drawing Painting and Sculpture" in 2015. In September 2016 she went to Budapest, Hungary where she spent 3 months in her first art residency called BARTR consisting of 4 workshops in welding, silk screening, risgraphy, and painting large for theater.
In late 2017, back in Montevideo, she started working with ceramics at the atelier of Mercedes Gonzalez. That same year she went to an art residency "SemLicença" of the "Espaço Galeria ponto de Fuga" in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. Silvina Rodriguez, a.k.a Silvinha, in Brazil, returned in February 2018 to attend another brief residency at "Soma Galeria". While simultaneously working at her A.I.R residency studio at Soma, she was almost everyday travelling across the city to attend the ceramic studio of the well known Brazilian ceramist, Juan Parada. With the work exhibited at "Soma", she made an itinerant show that travelled to São Paulo. From Sao Paulo, she flew to Leipzig, Germany, to participate in the "Pilotenkueche" art residency. During the residency period, after a month of intense studio practice side by side working in a new ceramic studio at the prominent Leipziger "Spinnerei", she was already participating in group shows at three galleries in Leipzig: Alte Handelsschule Kunstquartier, at Krudebure gallery and at K56 gallery. Less than a month later she presented larger paintings and installations at "Bauchgefül" show for Pilotenkueche.

Since November 2018 she has been working in Umbria, Itlay on an ongoing series of larger paintings called "Recollections I, II, III". Whilst having a base studio in Umbria, she has been travelling back and forth to Amsterdam where she worked in an intensive program at the Atelier of Japanese ceramic "Kaneko studio". She proceeded to have a solo show in a castle in Kalkhorst, northern Germany, where she worked and lived in the last trimester of 2019 in artist residency "LabKalkhorst". At the start of 2020, she immediately began working in her established studio in Umbria, Italy preparing works for an exhibition in February for her home country, Uruguay. Currently during the quarantine period she is located back in Amsterdam working from home and preparing for a future large scale painting exhibition..